Algarde Algae Scraper and Planter

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Solve your aquarium algae problems the simple way with an Algarde Aquarium Scraper from Swell UK. Simple, effective and easy to use, they are brilliant and shifting algae deposits from fish tank glass and come at a great price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

The Algarde Aquarium Scraper is a dual purpose product that will not only scrub away tough algae but can also be used to plant too.

The scraper edge can be used to clean all types of aquarium, easily shifting the toughest algae marks. It can be fitted with a blade (not included), to strip away algae that is difficult to remove.

The opposite end of the device can be used to move live or artificial plants or insert new ones into the substrate. Of course it can also be used as needed in your aquarium.

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