API Algae Pad Glass

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For those will beautiful glass aquariums, algae deposits are extemely undesirable, and this API Algae pad for glass aquariums is designed to be tough on the algae that clings to the glass, but kind to the glass itself, reducing the risk of scratches to the glass during cleaning. Get a beautiful algae free, risk-free look for your tank!


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Product Information

API's Algae Pad Glass is an ideal piece of kit to have in your aquarium cleaning kit.

Made to last, this pad fits comfortably into the hand to remove all traces of algae. It can fit into the most awkward places to ensure that your tank looks great and the risk of algae is removed.

This pad has been designed to use with glass aquariums, do not use with acrylic as it can scratch the surface.

Key Features

  • Robust pad can reach the most awkward places
  • Removes all traces of stubborn algae easily
  • For glass aquariums only

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