API Crystal Size 5 and 6

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For cloudy tanks, use an API Crystal Size 5 & 6 to help your filtration system weed out the nasties that impair your view of your otherwise stunning aquatic environment. This API Crystal targets odours, heavy metals and build ups of toxic gases, as well as just the colour of your water.


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Product Information

Thanks to the fish and plants in aquariums, they can often fall prey to cloudy, discoloured water and other nasties. API Crystal Size 5 and 6 are designed for use with a filtration system and remove organic aquarium pollutants, including colours, odours, heavy metals and toxic gases.

It is ideal for removing impurities that carbon alone cannot remove. It can help reduce the loss of fish when setting up your aquarium.

Please note that this product is for use with freshwater aquariums only.

Dosage guide:

Both crystal sizes are capable of treating up to 210 litres of water.

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