API Goldfish Protect

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API Goldfish Protect is a de-chlorinator that turns tap water into goldfish-safe aquarium water. An aquarium additive, it quickly treats unprocessed water by removing chloramines and chlorine, while enhancing your ets ,slimy cot a which helps protect them against toxins in the water - a MUST for owners of fish bowls!


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Product Information

API Goldfish Protect is the ideal treatment for making tap water safe for use with goldfish.

This additive works by removing chlorine and chloramines from the water, as well as containing trace minerals for to improve the health of the fish.

It should be used with starting up your aquarium or changing the water and can detoxify the water by counteracting the ammonia that is released by the goldfish.

In addition it also enhances the fishes natural slimy coat, which protects his delicate skin.

Key Features:

  • Protects fish from harmful ammonia
  • Removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water
  • Contains trace minerals to benefit fish health
  • Makes ordinary tap water safe


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