API Liquid Freshwater Master Test Kit

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API Liquid Freshwater Test Kits are a best seller for a good reason, containing easy to use and accurate tests for Ammonia, pH, High pH, Nitrites and Nitrates - arguably the most important chemical factors in freshwater fish keeping, all in one handy test kit, with colour charts and high-quality equipment.


  • Liquid Freshwater Master Test Kit
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Product Information

The API Liquid Freshwater Master Test Kit is ideal to monitor the level of 5 different elements within your aquarium.



High Range pH



Too much of these can lead to fish health problems, which can be very serious. Using this handy tes kit once a week can quickly and easily ensure the health and safety of your fish. Simply compare your findings against the colour cards included to check the levels and treat accordingly.

What's in the box?

4 Test Tubes

Colour Cards

Holding Tray

Step by Step Instructions

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