API pH Test Strips

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Perfect for keeping accurate readings of you aquarium pH levels, these API pH Test Trips are easy to use and come with a precise colour chart that makes understanding your tank's pH simple, allowing you to take the appropriate action to ensure your tank is at it's best more often than not.


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Product Information

The API Aquarium pH Test Strips are a quick and simple way to monitor the pH level of your aquarium. 

Simply pop the strip into the tank and compare against the enclosed colour chart to find out the results. The pH level needs to be kept at the right level for good fish health, as if it spikes or drops this can mean fish are more susceptible to infections.

They can be used in both fresh and salt aquariums. Check out our range of buffers, designed to regulate the pH level and see your tank thrive.

What's in the box?

  • 25 tests
  • Precise colour chart
  • Easy to read instructions

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