API Prevent Algae

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API Prevent Algae is an aquarium treatment designed to help you prevent the main causes of algae in your fish tank, keeping your water clearer and aids you in avoiding algae deposits on your aquarium glass. It even helps your corals to grow by reducing phosphate levels and letting calcium develop in the corals.


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Product Information

API Prevent Algae helps you to control silicate and eliminates cloudy water caused by phosphates within your aquarium. It is scientifically proven to remove phosphate and silicate, common nutrients found in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

API Prevent Algae reduces maintenance while also promoting the growth of reef-building corals and prevents calcium precipitation caused by excess phosphate. This 237ml bottle is safe for all fish, invertebrates and planted aquariums and is capable of treating 1,880 litres of fresh or salt water.

Dosage: 237ml treats 1,880 litres / 413.5 gallons

Key Features:

  • Prevents algae growth and eliminates cloudy water caused by phosphates
  • 237ml bottle treats 1,880 litres of fresh or salt water
  • Helps to keep aquariums clean
  • Prevents green water
  • Safe for use with all aquarium inhabitants

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