API Rena Nexx - Aqua Detox Size 4

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If you have an API Nexx External Filter, this API Rena Nexx Aqua Detox is great for helping to lift some of the nitrites and nitrates from your aquarium, creating a healthier and clearer environment for your aquatic life. This one is Size 4, and fits that specific filter.


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Product Information

The API Aqua-Detox removes toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from your fish tank.

Ammonia and nitrite can easily build up in a new aquarium, or if fish stock is increased. If levels are untreated it can be dangerous to fish. This Aqua Detox treatment from API will eradicate ammonia and nitrite and other aquarium pollutants.

This media is suitable for use with the API Nexx External Filter and the Nexx Filter Extension, simply pop in the caddy. The water will easily pass through for a thorough clean. Easy to use, no mess.

The pads are filled with superior resins and zeolite for 100% chemical filtration, and a superior result.

In new aquariums replace every week for one month. In a more established fish tank, replace every two months or if undesirable levels are detected.

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    Date 17/03/2016 16:03pm
    API Nexx - Aqua Detox Size 4 (2 pack)
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    great filters
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    Date 05/04/2015 07:04am
    API Nexx - Aqua Detox Size 4 (2 pack)
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