API Root Tabs

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API Root Tabs are a superb aquarium fertiliser for aquarium plants, boosting iron and potassium levels needed to create stunning aquascapes packed with real, natural plant life - a complete look in any aquarium. Just add these tablets in the correct doseage to see your plant life really take off!


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Product Information

Fertiliser is an essential element for any planted aquarium. It will boost growth, colours and overall health. The API Root Tablet is an ideal supplement, providing key nutrients such as iron and potassium.

Ideal for new plants, these compact tablets will boost new growth and ensure that young plants receive all the right nutrients needed. Wholly natural, these tablets are safe for use with tropical fish, as they won't transfer any contaminants into the water.

Each pack contains 10 tablets, which is perfect for the average tank. A good example is that a 40 litre aquarium would need around 6 tablets

Directions for use:

  • Use one tablet per 30 square inches of gravel surface
  • Push one tablet into the gravel bed
  • Add new tablets once a month for best results.

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