Aqua Medic Air Pump | Mistral 200/300/4000

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Aqua Medic have produced these high quality Minstral Air Pumps in 3 different sizes to ensure that your aquarium always gets the levels of oxygenation it needs to support the life living inside it. Reliable, affordable and ready to be despatched by Swell UK.


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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Mistral Air Pumps are a powerful aquarium diaphragm air pump. Available in three different sizes for various aquariums. The largest pump, the Mistral 4000 has an output of 2900 lph so is suitable for the larger fish tank.

The unit has a quiet pump, and thanks to the cast aluminium housing, runs almost silently, causing minimal disturbance. This is helped by the rubber feet, which also minimise vibrations from the pump.

All of the Mistral pumps have integrated air filters, so maintenance is easy.

They are ideally suited to supplying air lift filters (under-gravel and box), air stones and for protein skimmers using either ceramic or wooden air diffusers.

Key Features:

  • The cast aluminium housing ensures long life and silent operation.
  • The output of the Mistral 300 (maximum 380 l/h, c. 100 gph) is adjustable with a slide control which alters the magnetic circuit.
  • A low wattage and quiet Air Pump.
  • Thick rubber feet for less vibrations.
  • 1 Year Guarantee.
  • Standard airline size.


Mistral 200 & 300 Operations Manual

Mistral 4000 Operations Manual

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Output Size Wattage
Aqua Medic Mistral 200 1 Year 300lph 170x90x100mm 4w
Aqua Medic Mistral 300 1 Year 380lph 195x95x105mm 8w
Aqua Medic Mistral 4000 1 Year 2900lph 182x192x155mm 35w

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    Date 21/04/2015 10:04am
    Aqua Medic Mistral 4000
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    Lovely little unit, very quiet.