Aqua Medic Bactoballs

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Providing superb biological filtration, Aqua Medic Bactoballs provide a fantastic surface for your filter bacteria to develop on. With a high surface area, the nitrifying bacteria that help keep your water toxin-free and healthy have plenty of room to grow in contact with the passing water, which becomes cleaner as it passes through.


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Product Information

Aqua Medic Bactoballs are a the ideal media for biological filtration.

They offer a large surface area of 300m2 on which a high concentration of active bacteria can thrive for perfect filtration.

They are ideal for use in trickle filters, denitrification reactors and great for use in larger set ups.

The flat plate design with clear paths between the plates ensure a very even distribution of water, and means that the Bactoballs will not clump or clog.

Available in three sizes: 5 litre, 15 litre and a huge 25 litre bucket which is great for larger aquariums.



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