Aqua Medic Carbolitreactor Bypass 400ltr For Activated Carbon

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Aqua Medic Carbolitreacter - for extra chemical filtration in your aquarium, boosting the abilities of your filtration system so it can handle more should it need to. Lasts 10 days to 12 months depending on use.


  • Carbolitreactor Bypass
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Carbolitreactor is a compact chemical filtration chamber for aquarium use.

It can be installed in line with any standard canister filter or used with a separate pump.

The carbolitreactor contains one litre of pH neutral carbolit. The carbolitreactor can be used for fresh and salt water aquariums.

One filling lasts, depending on the load and use, for between 10 days (for removal of medications) to up to 12 months (for long term use as biological filter) in a 400 litre (c. 100 gallon) aquarium.

  • Diameter 80 mm (c.3.2").
  • Length 35.5 cm (c. 14").
  • Hose connection 16 mm (c. 2/3").

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Size
Aqua Medic Carbolitreactor Bypass 1 year Dia: 80mmx35.5cm

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