Aqua Medic Deniballs

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Aqua Medic Deniballs are best used with the Aqua Medic Nitratereductor, making the perfect home for nitrifying bacteria, keeping your nitrate levels as low as possible in your fish tank, better for all that live in it!


  • Deniballs 0.8l box
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  • Deniballs 5l bucket
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Product Information

DENIBALLS are a filter material and bacterium food for the Nitratereductor, made from a special biologically based plastic material. Bacterial colonies will grow on the surface area which will provide biological filtration within the unit.

This material is consumed by the oxygen free bacteria that forms in the chamber, this bacteria reduces the nitrates in the water to nitrogen gas.

For the Aqua Medic Nitrate Reductor 5000, about 5 litres (1.3 gallons) are required.

Changing the DENIBALLS after approximately 12 months is recommended to ensure safe and maintenance free denitrification in fresh and salt water aquarium.

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