Aqua Medic Glass Scraper

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Aqua Medic Glass Scrapers are easy to use and help you keep your aquarium glass free from nasty build ups of algae. They are safer to use on glass aquariums and are designed not so scratch the glass, keeping your tank better protected while you get things looking just right.


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Product Information

This unique and specialised Glass Scraper from Aqua Medic is a multiple use tool to clean away algae from your glass aquarium.

The 15cm wide blade is the optimum size to shift the most stubborn algae growths from your aquarium. The blades are manufactured from corrosion resistant hardened steel which lasts a long time. The blade protector also acts as a squeegee, and wipes away moisture from the walls of your tank.

The unique 180⁰ hinged head allows you to access the most awkward spots in your aquarium and ensure that every nook and cranny is properly cleaned.

Don't forget to order spare blades too, simply click the box and add to your basket when you order. In a handy pack of 5, you will always be prepared and your tank will always look clean.

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