Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Powder

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Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Poweder helps you balance out your water chemistry in your aquarium. Best used in a Kalkwasser reactor, it increases calcium levels and reduces phosphate.


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Product Information

Aqua Medic's Kalkwasser Powder is the perfect product to regulate essential levels within your salt water aquarium.

Kalkwasser (or lime water) maintains the levels of calcium, alkalinity and pH in marine fish tanks.

The best method is to replace the evaporated water in the aquarium using KALKWASSER solution pumped by an peristaltic pump with float switch such as the Aqua Medic SP3000 Niveaumat.


  • Increases calcium levels
  • Reduce phosphate levels which lessens the risk of hair algae
  • Development of calcerous algaes promoted

Kalkwasser should be used in all Kalkwasser Reactors or stirrers, but ensure the manufacturer's instructions are followed.

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