Aqua Medic KS 1000 & KS 5000 Kalkwasser Stirrer - 1500 / 5000 Litres

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These KS 1000 & KS 5000 Kalkwasser Stirrer - 1500 / 5000 Litre units can be used with an automatic refill unit to balance out the water chemistry of fresh water that tops up your aquarium. Useful, technical, but affordable from Swell UK.


  • Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 1000
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  • Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 5000
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Product Information

The Aquamedic KS 1000 Kalkwasser Stirrer 1500 litres

Kalkwasser Stirrers automatically produce Kalkwasser to replace the evaporated water in saltwater aquariums.

They should be used in conjunction with an automatic refill device, e.g. the Niveaumat.

The top up water is pumped from a reverse osmosis or a reservoir through the Kalkwasser stirrer. Inside the unit a sediment of Calciumhydroxide powder is slowly stirred so it is kept in suspension.

The Kalkwasser stirrers are manufactured in 2 sizes

  • Kalkwasser stirrer KS 1000 for aquariums up to 1500 litres (c.400 gal). Dimensions: 110 mm Ø x 50 cm high (c.4.3"Ø x c.20").Connection: 4/6mm (c.1 / 4") hose.
  • Kalkwasser stirrer KS 5000 for aquariums up to 5000 litres (c.1250 gal).Dimensions: 200 mm Ø x 60 cm high, (c.8"Ø x c.24").Connection: 4 / 6mm (c.1/4") hose.

KS 5000 Operations Manual

KS 1000 Operations Manual

Product Specification

Product Tank Size Guarantee Size
Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 1000 Dia: 200mmx60cm 1 year Dia: 200mmx60cm
Aqua Medic Kalkwasser Stirrer KS 5000 Dia: 200mm x 60cm 1 year Dia: 200mm x 60cm

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