Aqua Medic LF Conductivity Monitor And Controller

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Aqua Medic LF Conductivity Monitor and Controller by Aqua Medic helps to accurately measure the salt levels in your aquarium but detecting the electrical conductivity of the water - greatly effected by the salt levels. Perfect for salt water tanks that need a consistent saline level to support lives.


  • LF Conductivity Monitor And Controller
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic LF 2001 C Conductivity Monitor and Controller measures the electrical conductivity of water to determine the precise salt level.

This device has an exceptionally broad measurement and control range, divided into two spectrums; 0 to 2000 us measures desalinated and fresh water and 0 to 200 ms to measure brackish and salt water. The results are displayed on the easy to read LED screen. 

This means that the unit can be used to control RO units, breeding tanks using soft water and also to control the salt content of marine aquariums.

The unit is supplied with a connected salt water resistant graphite electrode.

LF Controller Operations Manual

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