Aqua Medic M-ventil Standard Co2 Cut Off Valve

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Grab an Aqua Medic M-ventil Standard Co2 Cut Off Valve to give yourself accurate control over the doseage of CO2 entering your aquatic environment. Doing so gives you greater accuracy when growing aquatic plants.


  • M-ventil Standard Co2 Cut Off Valve
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic M- Ventil Standard is designed to use with all compatible CO2 cylinders.

A solenoid valve is used to control the supply of gas or water. This nickel plated brass unit has an operating pressure of 6 bar, pressure fittings for 6mm flexible hose and can be used with all Aqua Medic CO2 units.

To avoid over heating, the valve only consumes 2.5 watts of electrical energy.

The valve can be used alongside a pH controller to control both CO2 and pH for the best results. If used with a timer this product can be used a night shut off system too.

1 year guarantee.

Technical Specifications:

  • Function: 2/2 directions, non-current carrying connection
  • Material: brass, chrome plated
  • Nominal width: 2 mm, 0,08"
  • Operating pressure: 0 - 4 bar, 0 - 60 psi
  • Medium: gas, tap water
  • Connection: flexible hose, 6/4 mm (1/4")
  • Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz, if not otherwise noted
  • Power consumption: 2,5 Watts
  • Operating factor: 100%

Product Specification

Product Guarantee
Aqua Medic M-ventil Standard Co2 Cut Off Valve 1 year

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