Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lamps - 5,000K

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This Aqua Medic Metal Halide 5000k Lamp simulates the natural daylight your aqautic life would receive in the wild, helping plants grow vibrantly and your fish feel safe and at home in an environment that they feel is natural.


  • Aqualine 5,500K 150W
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lamp produces a colour temperature of 5,000 kelvins in order to simulate natural daylight and highlight the colours of your aquarium.

This naturalistic colour rendition is perfect for promoting lush plant growth and creating the perfect, vibrant enviroment for your fish. These great lamps will work perfectly with Metal Halide bulbs.

This lamp was specially developed for the illumination of freshwater aquariums as it has a high percentage of red lights and a high intensity of 11,000 lumens per watt. By simulating natural daylight this lamp gives planted aquariums a natural appearance while also enhancing plant growth.

Designed and manufactured by trusted manufacturers Aqua Medic, these bulbs are built to last.

Available in 3 different wattages; 70 watts;150 watts; 250 watts.

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