Aqua Medic mV Monitor And Controller (Redox Potential)

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Aqua Medic Redox Potential Monitor and Controller kits help you monitor the ozone levels in your aquarium, allowin you to make adjustments if needed.


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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Redox-potential (ORP) Monitor and Controller is designed to help you measure the redox potential of your aquarium.

Simply put this means it monitors the way ozone is reduced or processed in your aquaria and gives you an accurate result. So it can be used to control the supply of ozone in a salt/sea water tank and control the level of nitrate removal.

Ozone is an ideal way to control bacteria and nalgae formations to keep the water clean and healthy.

This Aqua Medic device has a wide control range of -500 to +500 mV and a measuring range of -1000 to +1000mV. So you can be sure of an accurate reading and the best results.

This unit comes complete with a BNC connection for the mV probe (not included).

mV Monitor Operations Manual

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Aqua Medic mV Monitor and Controller 1 year

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