Aqua Medic Refractometer

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Use an Aqua Medic Refractometer to precisely measure the level of salinity in your marine fish tank, ensuring that the water you are using is an accurate simulation of real sea water salt levels for the health of your fish and coral life. Seconds to use, and affordably priced by Swell UK.


  • Refractometer
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Refractometer is a precise instrument which will determine the salinity of salt water quickly and easily.

Light enters the refractometer, and is bent or refracted by water in the test panel. This refraction is proportional to the salinity of the sample, and the result can be viewed on the internal scale. The instrument is temperature compensated too for increased versatility.

The reading is ready in mere seconds, and can be read as either a salt concentration (0/00 ppt) or as a specific density (kg/l).

Key Features:

  • Refractometer
  • Pippette
  • Screwdriver
  • Full instructions
  • All housed in a sturdy plastic carrying case

Technical Data

  • Specific density: 1.000 -1.070.
  • Salt concentration: 0 - 100 0/00.
  • Accuracy: 0.001 (10/00).
  • Temperature compensation: 10º - 30°C.

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