Aqua Medic SN 400 Sulphur/Hydrocarbonate Reactor Combi 400ltr

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Reduce sulphuric acid and nitrates in your aquarium water with this Aqua Medic Sulphur Nitratereductor 400, suitable for tanks up to 400 litres in size, it greatly improves the health of your tank and the life inside it.


  • Sulphur Reactor SN 400
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Product Information

The Aqua Medic Sulphur Nitratereductor 400 combines both sulphur and nitrate reactors to remove nitrate and also neutralise the sulphuric acid produced.  

This unit contains a circulation pump which aids the flow of water through the media.

The water is forced through the nitrate destroying sulphur media which creates a by-product of sulphuric acid. This is then pushed through the Hydrocarbonate media which removes the acid and restores the balance to the water.

The Sulphur Nitratereductor is recommended for aquariums up to 400 l.

SN 400 Operations Manual

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Aqua Medic Sulphur Reactor SN 400 14.5x10x37cm 1 year

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