Aqua Medic Titanium Heaters

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Aqua Medic Titatium heaters offer real value for money. Strong and reliable, choosing the right one can make a huge difference to the environment within your aquarium, for the benefit of the fish and corals that live inside.


  • Titanium Heater 100w
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  • Titanium Heater 200w
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  • Titanium Heater 300w
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  • Titanium Heater 500w
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Product Information

Aqua Medic's Titanium Heaters are a strong, safe alternative to standard glass heaters. Essential for tropical tanks, heaters will safely warm the water for exotic fish.

Suitable for fresh and salt water, these titanium housed heater are sea water resistant and anti-corrosive. So they will last longer than their standard counterparts. Available in four different wattages from 100 to 500 watts, every tank is covered.

With cut off devices to stop overheating and dry running, the heaters are well protected and energy efficient. They do need a controller (not supplied), we recommend the Aqua Medic T-Controller.

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