AquaEl Classic 100 Bow Cabinet - Black

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With a timeless design, this AquaEL Classic 100 Bow Aquarium Cabinet in black puts your matching Classic 100 Bow Aquarium on a pedestal, perfect for showing off your peaceful hobby.


Product Information

Show off your Aqua El Classic 100 Bow aquarium with a matching stand. Used together they can create a great focal point in any room, whether at home or in the office. In the same matt black finish, they look great and at our great discounted prices you can be sure of a superb product at a great price.

The cabinet provides storage too, so all your fish food, filters and other kit can be kept out of sight until you need it.

Here at Swell UK, we have an extensive range of fish tanks and cabinets for novices and experienced fish keepers, so if you can't find what you're looking for, give our helpful sales team a call on 0161 351 4700.

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