AquaEl Classic 100 Rectangular Aquarium Kit

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AquaEL's Classic 100 Rectangluar Aquarium Kit has many in-built features to make setting up and maintaining your fish keeping hobby even easier than ever before. With filters and heaters included for freshwater aquariums.


Product Information

A traditional style of aquarium, the Aqua El Classic 100 rectangular fish tank comprises classic style and modern features at a great price. In stylish black injection-moulded plastic, the tank has a sleek hood with an integral feeding hatch for easy fuss free feeding.

Built into the hood is a ballast which holds the two 30 watt fluorescent tubes. The ballast holds the bulbs securely, cutting the chance of flickering and therefore saving energy and money. These powerful yet efficient lighting system makes sure plants and fish get the light they need for the best results.

A filter and heater are included as standard. The FAN filter provides accurate filtration for a healthy tank, and avoids the need for too many water changes. The automatic heater included turns the tank in to a tropical set up, and maintains the correct temperature for your exotic fish.

Here at Swell we have a range of packs available, whether you want cleaning kit or a décor pack, we are sure to have all the extras you need - at a great price too!

There is also a useful, attractive stand available to match this aquarium, providing a place for the fish tank and also some extra storage for your bits and pieces.

Aquarium Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 50cm / 39.4" x 15.7" x 19.7" (L x W x H)

Key Features:

  • 200 litre rectangular aquarium
  • Hood lighting with 2x 30w light tubes
  • Feeding hatch
  • AquaEl internal filter & media
  • AquaEL 150w internal heater
  • 2 Year guarantee

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