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Aquahydrotech Chlorine Guard helps you change tap water into pond or aquarium safe water by removing the chlorine and chloramines that would be unsafe for your fish and other aquatic life. Doing so makes for a more healthy environment for your fish, and a 250ml bottle treats around 4500 litres of water.


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Product Information

AquaHydrotech Chlorine Guard has been designed to remove harmful chlorine from tap water when topping up a pond an aquarium.

Eco -friendly, this solution removes chlorine, chloramines and other heavy metals that can burn fish's skin and cause devastating problems in your pond. Made from natural compounds including seaweed, it binds chlorine and other metals, removing them from the water.

Safe for plants, fish, wildlife and pets this is one of the most natural pond treatments available.

As the product is 100% natural, it can be used safely with pond filters, so there is no need to switch the filter off during use. It cannot be overdosed either, so it is one of the safest products on the market today.

10ml treats 1000 litres of water. So, a 250ml bottle treats around 4500 litres in total. Simply add to the water as required. 

Key Features:

  •     Removes chlorine, chloramine and other heavy metals
  •     100% natural formula
  •     Seaweed
  •     Safe for all plants, fish and animals
  •     Can be used in all types of pond and aquariums
  •     Safe for use with pond filters

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
AquaHydrotech Ltd Chlorine Guard 250ml 1000gal 250ml
AquaHydrotech Ltd Chlorine Guard 2.5 Ltrs 10000 gal 2.5 Litre

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