AquaHydrotech Ltd Water Feature Clear

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Aqua Hydrotech Water Feature clear is idea for preventing and removing algae blooms in your water feature. Made from natural organic products, it is safe to use in your garden under the correct doseages and will leave your water feature looking sparkly clear.


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Product Information

AquaHydrotech Water Feature Clear will help to keep your water feature clean and clear of algae formations. It is also suitable for use in small ponds.

In the summer months algae can become a real problem, and quickly spread all over a once beautiful feature. Using Water Feature Clear maintains perfect water clarity and reduces stagnant odours as well as the need for maintenance.

Using natural extract of barley straw and lavender the treatment safely prevents and controls algae, blanket weed and slime. It can be used in features made from all materials and can be used in fish ponds too, making this one of the most versatile products around. It can even be used in interior features. 

250mls treats 200 litres

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