Aquarian Colour Food

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Aquariun Colour Food flakes are not only a tasty and nutritious food for goldfish and tropical fish, but they also contain a pigment that helps bring out the natural vibrant colour of your fish, making for an even more beautiful aquatic display in the comfort of your home.


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Product Information

Aquarian Colour Flakes are the ideal food to boost the natural colours of tropical and gold fish.

The unique blend contains 1.5% marigold carotenoid pigment which will naturally enahnce the beautiful colours of your fish. The extract also contains a high level of anti-oxidants to promote good health and a strong immune system.

The flakes also contain a high amount of protein and vitamins to boost health from the inside out for vibrant, healthy fish.

The food is easy to digest, and produces little waste for a cleaner tank.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed twice a day as a complete food, or once a day with another staple food. Remove uneaten food to avoid a waste buil-up.

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