Aquarian Goldfish Flakes 25-200g

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Aquarin Goldfish Flakes are a favourite of Swell UK Customers, featuring 100% natural ingredients and providing a tasty and nutritious meal for your goldfish at home. Can also be used for smaller varieties of pond fish too!


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Product Information

Aquarian Coldwater Flakes (Goldfish Flake Food) are a great everyday food for your cold water fish.

Made from top quality, 100% natural ingredients, the flaked food contains 33% protein, vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth, resistance to disease and beautiful colouring.

Fish will glow with vitality and stay happy and active for longer.

Simply add as much as your fish will eat, and remove any uneaten food after a few minutes to avoid a waste build up.

This tasty food is ideal for goldfish of all varities and small pond fish.

Available in 3 sizes; 25g, 50g, 200g.

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