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Aquarian A La Carte Red Seaweed is a natural fish food for fresh water and salt water fish, particularly those that would normally graze on seaweed in the wild. Full of antioxidants and natural vitamins and minerals, it better replicates their natural food source.


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Product Information

The A la Carte Red Seaweed is an ideal treat for your fish. Made from red algae, it contains a high dose of protein that is the ideal food for fish. The strips of food promote natural grazing behaviours, that your fish would exhibit in the wild.

It contains a variety of vitamins to boost overall health and vitality, including vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, and C which boost the immune system, preventing stress and disease.

These strips can be soaked in aquarium water, or even a liquid feed to enrich the food. They can also be given dry for added convenience.

Directions for use: For a 150litre aquarium, break a strip in half and attach to the A la Carte Food Clip. This can then be attached to the aquarium. Remove uneaten food after a couple of hours.


  • Protein: 17.6%
  • Fat: 0.3%
  • Fibre: 35.2%
  • Moisture: 7.38%

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    Date 18/02/2015 11:02am
    Aquarium Systems A la Carte Red Seaweed
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    Product itself looked good however none of my fish were interested at all. I bought it for my yellow tang but it was not impressed at all. The seaweed looked like kelp from the sea ...the real deal but I wonder if they would have preferred the nori sheets instead?!
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    Date 01/03/2017 22:03pm
    Aquarium Systems A la Carte Red Seaweed
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    Great price for a staple item