Aquarium Systems VisiTherm Submersible Heater

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Aquarium Systems VisiTherm Submersible Heaters are available from Swell UK to allow the quick and accurate heating of your aquarium water to the right temperatures to support the aquatic life inside your tank. Best used with tropical tanks that need a little temperature boost.


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Product Information

Designed for use in fresh and salt water aquariums and for amphibians such as a frogs or turtles. The Aquarium Systems VisiTherm heater is a versatile and efficient addition to your set up. The heater has recently been redesigned with practicality and proficiency as a priority. The heating elements have been improved to a high standard and double encased in a quartz sleeve.

The double insulated casing allows for complete submersion of the sleeve, and this coupled with sensitive heating elements, provide and sustain the correct temperature for your tank. An easy to read thermometer style gage means you can monitor the temperature without disturbing aquatic life.

A convenient control knob sits atop the unit meaning that you can set the heater at the desired temperature easily and quickly.

Available for the smallest and largest aquariums, from 20 litres to 300. Please see the product specification for details on the correct VisiTherm heater for your tank.

As always, should you need any advice or further information please contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use with fresh, salt water and amphibian aquariums.
  • Improved design increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Easy to use; simply submerge and turn the control knob to set temperature.
  • Visible thermometer style indicator.
  • On/off light indicator.
  • Shock resistant, durable quartz sleeve.
  • Suction cups and support clips included.
  • Five year warranty.

[Image] High precision thermometer [Image] Five year warranty [Image] Double encased in a quartz sleeve

Product Specification

Product Wattage Guarantee Size
Aquarium Systems Visitherm Mini 10 10w 5 Year 15cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 25w 25w 5 Year 21cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 50w 50w 5 Year 26.5cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 100w 100w 5 Year 27cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 150w 150w 5 Year 33cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 200w 200w 5 Year 32cm
Aquarium Systems Visitherm 300w 300w 5 Year n/a

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