Biorb One Way Valve (inc airline)

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  • One Way Valve (inc airline)
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Another great accessory to make the most of your biOrb...

At least every 6 months a check should be made by disconnecting the air pump and lowering the air line below the water line.

In the unlikely event of leakage a one way valve can be fitted to the air line. This should be fitted six inches from the air pump. If you wish to extend the length of the air line from your aquarium it is advisable to do so with a one way valve.


  • The one way valve allows air or liquids to flow in one direction in a tube. It should be correctly fitted in the direction of flow required and checked regularly.


  • For safety, Reef One aquariums are fitted with 2 one way valves.
  • If an extra valve is needed simply cut the air line and insert the valve onto the ends of the air line (see diagram).

Observe correct orientation to ensure air flow.

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