Aqua Medic OFB Overflow Box Type1 2500lph

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  • OFB Overflow Box Type1 2500lph
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Product Information

Aqua Medic Overflow Boxes are mounted to the outside of the aquarium to connect to an under counter filter system. Attaching your marine aquarium to a sump can mean having to get your aquarium drilled - this saves the hassle.

Water circulation is achieved by pumping the water up from the filter-sump into the aquarium, and then with the use of the Aqua Medic Overflow Box back into the filter.

This makes it possible to connect aquariums to under the counter filters systems without having to drill holes in the tank.

The Aqua Medic Overflow box is a completely constructed form acrylic and available in two sizes.


  • Type 1 up to 2500 l/h (625 gph).
  • Type 2 up to 5000 l/h (1250 gph).
  • Outlet for the 5000 = 40mm

For further instructions and specifications please open the PDF file below.

Overflow Box Operations Manual

Product Specification

Product Size Guarantee
Aqua Medic OFB Overflow Box Type1 2500lph 19x18x25cm 1 year

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