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Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lamps - 5,000K
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Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lamps - 5,000K

The Aqua Medic Metal Halide Lamp produces a colour temperature of 5,000 kelvins in order to simulate natural daylight. It is especially useful for the illumination of freshwater aquariums, to create a natural appearance and encourage coral growth... more
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Aqualine 5,000K 70W 81911 £44.99 Aqualine 5,500K 150W 81912 £44.99 Aqualine 5,000K 250W 81913 £64.99
Item Availability RRP Price Qty Add Item
Aqua Medic Aqualine 5,000K 70W
code: 81911
Usually delivered
in 6 days
£49.47 £44.99
Aqua Medic Aqualine 5,500K 150W
code: 81912
In stock £49.47 £44.99
Aqua Medic Aqualine 5,000K 250W
code: 81913
Usually delivered
in 6 days
£72.35 £64.99

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