TMC Micro Habitat 15 (Marine Nano)

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  • Micro Habitat 15 (Marine Nano)
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Product Information

The Micro Habitat 15 is a Nano tank that is ideal for shrimp, mini corals or miniature invertebrates. It is also perfect for creating beautiful mini aquascapes.

The acrylic material of the tank means it is lighter and stronger than glass and as acrylic is lighter, it allows for a much clearer view.

The built in filtration system and integral pump with multi-directional outlet ensures optimum water quality and minimal maintenance. A concealed section disguises the filter, and makes maintenance and control super easy.
It comes complete with a unique integrated air driven protein skimmer which removes unwanted fats and proteins from the water. This combined system ensures that the water is a clean and healthy as possible.

This Nano tank suits anyone from beginners to experts. The Micro Habitat incorporates a fully adjustable AquaRay Micro Led light system which uses high quality LG Top LEDs (Ocean White 9000K) for healthy corals and marine life.

The size of the tank is 27cm long x 23.5cm wide x 26cm high, with the skimmer the height is approximately 30cm. Please note that the height stated does not include the adjustable light.

If you require marine lighting for this tank we recommend Arcadia LED spotlights.


  • Aquarium: 27cm x 23.5cm x 26cm / 10.6" x 9.3" x 10.2 (L x W x H)


  •  Clear condensation lid
  •  Micro Thermometer
  •  Hydrometer
  •  H2AIR 60-Air Pump (Pump, non return valve and airline)
  • Filtration system including filter and protein skimmer
  •  Micro Heater
  • Stunning LED AquaRay lighting system.

Product Specification

Product Tank Size Size Guarantee
TMC Micro Habitat 15 (Marine Nano) 15 Litres L-27cm x W-23.5cm x H26cm (inc skimmer H-30cm) 1 Year

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