Aquosis Portable Bottom Drain / Suction Dome

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This Aquoisis Portable Bottom Drain Suction Dome is easy to set up and can help clear debris and sludge from the bottom of you pond in whatever position you need it in. Available at the best prices from Swell UK.


  • Portable Bottom Drain / Suction Dome
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Product Information

Portable Bottom Drain / Suction Dome sits on the floor of your pond which requires no digging or intensive labour. Perfect for a temporary pond or simply for those who want to save on time and energy!

Just simply place the self-weighted bottom dome in your pond and attach a pipe from either an internal pump such as an oase aquamax or promax(these pumps have two inlets) or an external pond pump,and enjoy all the benefits of a bottom drain with minimal expense.

Key Features:

  • Comes complete with a stepped tail hose.
  • This unit will take 2" pipework direct to the dome.
  • Dimensions: Length 380mm(15")Height 130mm(5 1/4").

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