Arcadia Marine White T8 Lamp

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A classic T8 fluorecent lamp, this Arcadia Marine white T8 range is the affordable way to bring out the amazing colours in your marine fish and coral reef, shining a brilliant white light without the nasty yellow tinge!


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  • Marine White T8 Lamp 30" - 750mm long 1" diam 25 watt Sale
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  • Marine White T8 Lamp 36" - 900mm long 1" diam 30 watt Sale
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Product Information

With a colour temperature of 14000K, the Marine White T8 lamp from Arcadia is perfect for reflecting the colours and vibrancy of marine corals and other life.

The white light replicates natural bright sunlight which is ideal to encourage healthy growth of corals and marine invertebrates. This long lasting, reliable lamp is perfect for serious marine aquarists as it reflects the changing scene within the tank.

Arcadia recommend combining this lamp with the Marine Blue Actinic lamps. This combination will show off the natural fluorescence of both corals and fish whilst illuminating the rest of the aquarium.

Key Benefits:

  • Superb light output
  • Powerful penetrating white light
  • Accentuates natural fish colours
  • Colour replicates reef environment


  • 18 Watt: 24" / 60cm
  • 25 Watt: 30" / 75cm
  • 30 Watt: 36" / 90cm
  • 36 Watt: 48" / 120cm
  • 38 Watt: 42" / 106.7cm

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