Arcadia Series 5 LED 60W Driver

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This Arcadia Series 5 60W LED Driver powers Arcadia's Series 5 LED strip lights. State-of-the-art, powerful and with a surprisingly low energy consumption for their output, these lamps are revolutionising aquarium keeping, and this is the unit that powers them!


  • Series 5 LED 60W Driver
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Product Information

This 60w LED Driver is to suit the Arcadia 5 Series LED Strip light.

It powers a single channel of light from these advanced LED units, to make sure that your aquarium is always perfectly illuminated.

The simple, electronic unit protects your light unit from overheating and short-circuiting, and as it's mounted on an aluminium cover it ensures that any heat is disseminated without risk.

It has a handy inline switch on the mains lead and comes complete with a 5 year guarantee for peace of mind.

This unit is essential to power the:

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