Arcadia Series 5 LED Strip Blue

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This Arcadia Series 5 LED Strip Blue has a fantastically high output, with light reaching the lowest parts of your aquarium to light up your stunning aquascape like never before. LED technology is quickly taking over aquarium keeping, and with these Series 5's, you can see why!


  • S5 Blue LED strip 525mm
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  • S5 Blue LED strip 830mm
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  • S5 Blue LED strip 980mm
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  • S5 Blue LED strip 1200mm
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Product Information

Part of the Arcadia LED Strip light range, the Marine Blue is perfect for a reef aquarium. Using a combination of Oslon and special 420nm LEDs, the deep blue light will highlight the life and colours of your reef set up.

LED lighting is a more energy efficient light source that lasts much longer than traditional sources and emits hardly any heat. It saves both money and power over time.

A separate power unit is needed to power this LED unit. The 60 watt LED Driver will power one light channel expertly, or the more advanced Smart Box offers 3 channels and a dimmable option. Both can be purchased separately. 

The unit is dark bronze aluminium which is solid and waterproof to IP67 standards, the LED Strip is angled at 120 deg so the light is evenly distributed over the reef tank, highlighting every area and showing it's natural colours and beauty to the maximum.

The Marine Blue LED Strip has multiple mounting options. It can be suspended over the tank, fitted on to the aquarium directly, and adaptors are included to adapt the unit to fit  T8 fitting. All mounting accessories are included.

Key Features:

  • This unit requires the 60w driver to operate (sold separately)
  • Perfect blend of Deep Blue, Ultra White and 14000k LEDs
  • Multiple fitting options; tank mounting, T8 lamp replacement or suspended
  • Waterproof light unit to IP67 standards
  • Supplied with mounting fittings
  • Two Arcadia power units available separately
  • 5 year guarantee

Marine Blue (Selected 420nm semi LEDs, enhanced reef effect)

  • 22" (52.5cm)
  • 32" (83cm)
  • 38" (98cm)
  • 44" (113cm)
  • 48" (120cm

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