Arcadia Series 5 LED Strip White / Blue

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Possibly the best LED on the market for marine aquariums, this Arcadia Series 5 LED Strip White / Blue provides the right light for coral growth as well as the perfect spectrum of light to bring out the best colours in marine life. High output, low energy consumption, best price from Swell UK.


  • S5 White/Blue LED strip 525mm
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  • S5 White/Blue LED strip 830mm
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  • S5 White/Blue LED strip 980mm
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  • S5 White/Blue LED strip 1200mm
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Product Information

Arcadia's new Marine White LEDs contains a mixture of Ultra White, Deep Blue and a 14,000K LEDs. Working together they provide a pure, clear light to shine through your marine aquarium and promote lush coral growth.

Corals need a high light intensity in order for them to grow and develop beautifully. The 14,000K colour temperature of the LED Strip is perfect to encourage the natural process of photosynthesis of SPS corals. The Deep Blue and Ultra White LEDs work alongside to replicate and enhance natural marine colours, which shows off your tank life perfectly.

The Marine Strip is available in 5 sizes to suit all types of aquarium. It comes complete with mounting fittings, so you can choose whether to attach it to the tank directly, suspend it above or adapt it to fit a T8 unit. The strip can be angled to 120⁰, to ensure perfect illumination within your tank.

The waterproof unit is manufactured to IP67 standard, so you can be confident of a watertight seal. The solid aluminium casing will reduce the amount of heat that the unit emits, and in dark bronze it looks both contemporary and stylish.

This unit will require a separate power source. The Arcadia 60 watt LED Driver is a simple power unit that will allow one light channel. However if you prefer something more advanced, then the Smart Box provides three channel dimmable light source, which can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Both of these items are available to buy separately.

Key Features:

  • This unit requires the 60w driver to operate (sold separately)
  • Perfect blend of Deep Blue, Ultra White and 14000k LEDs
  • Multiple fitting options; tank mounting, T8 lamp replacement or suspended
  • Waterproof light unit to IP67 standards
  • Supplied with mounting fittings
  • Two Arcadia power units available separately
  • 5 year guarantee

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