Arcadia T5 Marine Deep Blue

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A frim favourite with marine fish tank keepers, these Arcadia T5 Marine Deep Blue fluorecent strip lights are more energy efficient than the older T8 models and kick out more light to illuminate your aquarium in all it's glory.


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Product Information

Arcadia Marine Deep Blue complements the white, purple and pink lights in your marine aquarium. It is perfect for salt water habitats, showing off your fish, crabs and corals.

The Marine Deep Blue is a T5 lamp which gives it several advantages over the older T8 tubes. It is smaller in size, with a better light spectrum and a higher luminance. On top of all of this T5 lamps are also much more energy efficient and last 25% longer.

Key Features:

  • Picks out pinks, whites and purples in marine life
  • Long lasting, uses less energy
  • Higher luminance than T8 lamps
  • Use with other Arcadia T5 lamps for even better results

Specifications- approximately:

  • 24 Watt - 22" / 55cm
  • 34" Watt - 34" / 85cm
  • 54 Watt - 46" 

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    Arcadia Marine Deep Blue T5 54w
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    Good lamps at a good price.