Arcadia T5 Marine Hybrid Lamp

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Bring out the very best colours in your salt water tank with an Arcadia T5 Marine Hybrid Lamp. Perfect for showing off your corals and stunning marine fish at their very best, these T5's are more energy efficient that the old T8's.


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Product Information

 Using a combination of 60% Marine White 14K and 40% Marine Blue 420nm, the Arcadia T5 Marine Hybrid Lamp produces a pure, bright light with a high energy output to promote super coral growth.

The Marine Hybrid brings out the natural blue and violet colours of marine fish and other life. It also highlights other colours bringing your aquarium to life.

For smaller aquariums the Hybrid lamp works well on its own or combined with the Marine white lamp, while in larger T5 lamp arrays, a mix of Arcadia Marine Blue, Marine Hybrid and Marine White lamps will produce excellent results.

Key Features:

  • 60% Marine White 14,000K / 40% Marine Blue 420nm
  • Actinic white lamp that enhances blue and violet marine colours
  • High photosynthetic light content
  • Energy saving and long lasting
  • Available in T5 and Compact (2G11) Lamps


  • 24 Watt: 21.7" / 55cm
  • 39 Watt: 26" / 66cm
  • 54 Watt: 45.3" / 115cm

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