Arcadia T5 Original Tropical Pro

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Arcadia Original Tropical Pro T5 tubes have an extra high output with a warm tropical colour to bring out the very best colours in your tropical aquarium, with low energy consumption too!


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Product Information

The Arcadia T5 Original Tropical Pro T5 tubes enhance the reds and blues of tropical fish and are perfect for planted aquariums to bring out the vibrant natural colours.

The Arcadia Original Tropical Pro T5 can be used with the Arcadia T5 OT2 Luminaire, or the Arcadia T5 starter units. The tubes have been specially designed to have a warmer spectrum than other models, making them ideal for tropical fish as they enhance and illuminate the natural reds and blues beautifully.

Key Features:

  • Warm tropical colour
  • Accentuates natural reds and blues
  • Optimum light for photosynthesis
  • Encourages beautiful plant growth


  • 24w: 22" / 55cm
  • 39w: 34" / 85cm
  • 54w: 46"

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