Bermuda Jumping Jets

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Bermuda Jumping Jets are a fantasically popular illuminated fountain display, guaranteed to make a real feature in any garden pond. Sold here at Swell UK at the best price, read on below!


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Product Information

Create a stunning effect in your pond with the Bermuda Jumping Jets, a unique illuminated fountain display. Thanks to the compact size of the Jets, they can be used to create an exciting feature in even the smallest pond.

They consist of 3 separate jets each with 3 long lasting LEDs which create a beautiful light and water show in your pond, especially in the evenings. There are 5 different sequences, so the look can be changed to suit your preferences.

As the Jets run on just 18 watts, they are incredibly energy and cost efficient to run. Saving you money and power. Complete with 10m of cable to make installation much simpler, this pond device is a great addition to any garden.

Key Features:

  • A unique triple illuminated floating decorative fountain display.
  • At only 18watts running, Bermuda Jumping jets feature low running costs.
  • 5 different sequences
  • 34cm x 14cm
  • 10m cable

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