Bermuda Pond Pumps

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Bermuda Pond Pumps include nine different models depending on what kind of flow rate you are looking for, for your waterfall or fountain. Bermuda pumps offer market leading reliability and performance.


Product Information

Bermuda Pond Pumps are designed to power fountains and waterfalls in your garden pond. Thanks to Bermuda's wealth of experience they include a reliable motor and sturdy housing they are one of the most cost effective and efficient pond pumps around.

They are also ideal to power a biological filter too, thanks to the durable and steady flow rate. It can be left running 24 hours per day too, so provides constant results.

Adding a fountain pump not only increases the look of your pond. The water movement encourages oxygen to disseminate around the pond, reducing the risk of stagnant patches and improving fish and plant health.

The pump includes everything you need to set up a beautiful fountain or power a filter. Fountain heads, flow adjusters, extension pipe and a hose adaptor are all included as well as 10m of outdoor rubberised cable.

Every Bermuda Pond Pump comes complete with a three year guarantee for peace of mind, like most pumps, the impellor and shaft are covered under a one year guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Easy release strainer for quick maintenance.
  • Easy life handle.
  • Heavy duty protective outer case.
  • Foam free strainer.
  • 3 years guarantee.

Technical Data:

Bermuda 1500.

  • Max. Flow gals / ltrs(ph): 330 gal / 1506 litres
  • Flow at 0.5 m gals / ltrs(ph): 250 gal / 1134 litres
  • Flow at 1.0 m gals / ltrs(ph): 166 gal / 756 litres
  • Flow at 1.5 m gals / ltrs(ph): 154 gal / 699 litres
  • Flow at 2.0 m gals / ltrs(ph): 100 gal / 454 litres
  • Wattage: 25 watts
  • Max Head Metres: 2.5

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