Biorb 30 Black Aquarium (No Light)

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This biOrb 30 Black Aquarium (no light) is the 30l biorb aquarium, the smallest of the stunning and functional round aquariums of which the biorb name is built. Affordable, beautiful and ready to be despatched to your home!


  • 30 Black (No Light)
    code: G4000B Available (Usually delivered in 6 days)

Product Information

The biOrb 30 Black Aquarium (No Light) combines the looks of a traditional fish bowl with the performance of a 'hi-tech' aquarium. The globe is manufactured from Plexiglas acrylic and because of its larger water capacity, biOrb provides fish with approximately ten times more space than a traditional bowl.

Holding 30 litres of water the biOrb 30 is an ideal aquarium for both novice and experienced fish keepers. With an integral filtration system and pump, plus food and water treatments, the biOrb 30 is ready to set up the minute it arrives.

The ceramic media has a large surface area, equal to the size of a football pitch it biologically filtrates the water, sending the debris and waste to the cartridge in the bottom of the tank. BiOrb recommend changing the cartridge every four weeks, replacements are available here at Swell UK.

The biOrb 30 comes without lights or heater, but both are available should you wish to set up a lighting system or convert to a tropical tank. BiOrb have an innovative LED unit that replicates a 24 hour light schedule, casting a sunrise to a moonlit glow over the water. This shows your tank over the course of the day.

The panoramic view of the biOrb 30 means you can see the beauty of the aquarium from every angle. It looks great in all manner of environments from the home to the office.


  • Biorb 30 aquarium
  • 900g of ceramic media
  • Standard freshwater filter cartridge
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • 12 Volt Transformer
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
  • 12 month guarantee


  • Height: 42cm / 16.5"
  • Width: 40cm / 15.7"
  • Volume: 30 Litre / 6.6 gallons

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Biorb 30 Black (No Light) n/a

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