Biorb Classic 30/60 & Biube LED 24hr Light Unit

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Add a Biorb Classic 30/60 & Biube LED 24hr Light Unit to your existing Biorb Aquarium to add a brilliant new lighting dynamic, helping complete your stunning aquatic look in any room. Best prices here at Swell UK.


  • 30/60 Intelligent LED Light
    code: L1000 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)

Product Information

The high performance Intelligent LED Light is one of the most advanced lights in the aquarium market. The Intelligent Light replicates natural daylight, with a gradual sunrise and sunset which automatically fades into a blue moonlight after the day time cycle has completed.

Create a 24-hour lighting cycle as nature intended - reducing the stress on your fish. The LED light consists of 3 ultra-bright white LED's to provide the complete illumination of the aquarium and one blue LED to provide the evocative moonlight for the evenings.

Simply plug it in - no set up required. The single button digital timer allows the day length to be extended to meet your requirements. Simple and quick replacement for the existing halogen light unit in a biOrb 30L or biOrb 60L.

  • Sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight cycles - change at the push of a button with 7 different cycles, allowing you to increase the length of daylight to suit your requirements
  • Automatic 24-hour timer - just plug the light in and it cycles at the same time every day.
  • Peak output of 6,500k with a broad spectrum either side of that. This creates a rich blue/white light ideal for an aquarium.
  • 50,000 hours of life
  • Safe, low voltage, 12 volt power for use with all Reef One aquariums (except Baby biOrb).
  • Slim line design fits into all biOrb aquariums (excluding the Baby biOrb). Concealed in the aquarium lid and only 18 mm thick.
  • Simple and quick replacement for the existing halogen light unit.

The Intelligent LED light offers a perfect lighting environment for the fish and complete ease for you with automatic timing. An ideal upgrade for biOrb 30L and biOrb 60L aquariums.

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    Biorb 30/60 Intelligent LED Light
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