Biorb First Aid Kit

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If your fish appear to be suffering, it is likely to do with water quality. This Biorb First Aid Kit is a health booster for fish and aquarium together. Pop it into your filter to help get a fresh start for your aquarium fish.


  • First Aid Kit
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Product Information

biOrb First Aid Kit, available from Swell UK at a discounted price.

If your fish aren't looking their best, it can be difficult to know what the problem is. Often it can be overfeeding or that the filter needs a clean. BiOrb have developed a First Aid Kit exclusively for the BiOrb range. The cartridge sits in the filter whilst the water treatments work along side to treat any imbalances in the water.

This kit is only to be used for 7 days, then replace with a new service filter cartridge.

Unfortunately it can't solve any severe problems, so if you are at all unsure, speak to an expert.


  • First Aid filter cartridge.
  • 2x First Aid treatment Sachets.
  • Sachet of water preparation chemicals.

The First Aid Cartridge should not be used in salt water Marine systems.

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