Biorb Life 45 White

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A stylish medium sized aquarium, this Biorb Life 45 White is a complete kit so you can Plug-In-And-Play with your new fish tank. Easy to manage and with stunning looks, it becomes a feature in any room.


  • Life 45 White - Intelligent LED
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Product Information

The biOrb Life Collection is a new range of designer aquariums, offering a totally unique way of fish keeping. Finished in a smooth acrylic wrap, the range looks sophisticated wherever you keep it.

Acrylic tanks are stronger and yet lighter than glass, which can mean a much clearer view. The double sided view of the Life range means you can place it anywhere in the room and still have the perfect view.

The tank has an integral filtration process to keep it clear and clean. Waste is passed through the biological filter media and sent to the chamber beneath. This should be replaced with a new Biorb Service Filter Kit every one to two months for the cleanest water and healthy fish.

A unique LED system is also included. The Intelligent 24 Hour LED system mirrors a 24 hour lighting schedule perfectly. Each type of day light is replicated from sunrise to sunset, even a blue LED is included to create a moonlit glow. There are 7 types of cycle which can be set to suit your own preferences.

This stunning Ice White 45 litre aquarium looks beautiful in any room, be it home or business. Coloured fish and decorative items look stunning in this simple yet chic tank, you can even covert to a tropical tank with the addition of a Biorb heater!


  • Intelligent LED Light - replicating sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight
  • Includes detailed Step-by-Step instructions
  • Cast Acrylic construction - 10x stronger than glass
  • biOrb Life aquarium
  • Ceramic Media
  • 12v Transformer
  • Freshwater biOrb filter cartridge
  • Low-voltage Air Pump
  • Tap water conditioner and Beneficial Bacteria liquid
  • 45 Litre capacity

Product Specification

Product Size
Biorb Life 45 White - Intelligent LED 56cm x 37.5cm x 25.5cm (LxWxD)

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