Blagdon Anti Fungus & Bacteria

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Keep your garden pond clear of fungal and bacterial infections using Blagdon Anti Fungus & Bacteria treatment. If you notice health issues related to fungus of bacteria in your fish, there are few treatments as effective as this.


  • Anti Fung & Bact 250ml
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  • Anti Fung & Bact 500ml
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Product Information

Blagdon Anti Fungus & Bacteria Treatment is part of Blagdon's extensive range of pond treatments, designed to give you healthy and vibrant pond fish. It is suitable for all types of pond fish.

Fish can fall prey to bacterial and fungal infections at any time of year. This unique blend of several active ingredients fight the onset of fungus and bacteria that can cause fin or mouth rot and other fungal infections.

Look out for:

  • White cotton like growths around the mouth or gills
  • Visible signs of ragged fins

The product is added over a 5 day period to build up dosage levels for best results. 

Three sizes: 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
Blagdon Anti Fung & Bact 250ml 500gal/2273Ltrs 250ml
Blagdon Anti Fung & Bact 500ml 1000gal/4546ltr 500ml
Blagdon Anti Fung & Bact 1ltr 2000gal/9092ltr 1ltr

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